Meet the Core Team

The Bridge and other events offered for our High School, Middle School, and Confirmation Students are ran by a core group of Staff and Adult Volunteers.  If Christ is the heart of the ministry, the backbone is definitely our adult leaders.  These leaders are working hard to form discipleship based relationship with teens and walking with teenagers through the good and bad days of teenage life.

Check out the bio’s of the leaders below (some info may be slightly exaggerated for your enjoyment)


Nic Frank // Director of Student MinistriesNic
Nic was born and raised in Good Ol’ northwest Ohio. When Nic was young he dreamt of being a British Secret Agent, like James Bond.  As he grew up he realized his dream was foolish since he wasn’t British and couldn’t keep secrets… so he decided to get into youth ministry.

Kate Genoways // High School MinistryIMG_1191

Kate is a Rockford native with a Heart for the Lord and nimble fingers for playing her Jazz Flute.  She works as a Paraprofessional in the Rockford Public Schools where she has earned the nickname, “the nice one.”  She has served on many core teams and lead different ministry throughout the diocese for years.

She also loves Starbucks.

Tyler Hammerle // High School MinistryTyler

Tyler is an engineer extraordinaire!  He claims to have invented the universal remote, self-cleaning soap, and the wheel.  When Tyler isn’t inventing cool stuff, he is modeling his faith to our students and helping them become the students God has called them to be.

 Mike Pelcher // High School MinistryMike

Mike is a combination of Chuck Norris and The Most Interesting Man in the World.  He brings his experience from years in the Air Force and Corporate America to help form our students.

For fun he has been known to eat earthworms. 

Francesca Von Arx // High School MinistryCheckers

Francesca is a young and driven woman.  She dedicates most of her time to being a full-time student in barber school and to ministering to our youth.  Francesca has a great gift of being able to make the most of each moment because… well you know what they say… “hair today, gone tomorrow.”

Rosann Wuest // High School MinistryRosann

Rosann is a sophisticated woman who loves long walks on the beach, curling up with a good book, and clichés.

Abe Hart // High School MinistryAbe

Abe is a hard working and proud American citizen (although he has yet to provide a birth certificate).  As a true Rockfordian,  he has a heart for this city and the youth who live here.

Brittany Earlywine // High School MinistryBrittney

This is Brittany. She is an amazing chef and loves to cook. In her spare time she co-hosts a cooking show called ” I Used to Not be Able to Bake but Now that I Watch this Show I’m a Master Chef” with DJ Khaled.

Juan Flores // Middle School Ministry

Juan’s favorite animal is the emu. He dreams of starting a emu farm and calling it “Emu’s Don’t Moo.”


Tori Davidson // Middle School Ministry & Confirmation

This is Tori. Tori is a professional ventriloquist, and she’s really good at it too. I mean, just look at how lifelike those babies seem!

Dave Teeters // Middle School Ministry

This is Dave. He loves serving the Middle School Ministry but in his spare time he works as a professional Dad-Joke-Teller.

Chase Bruggeman // Middle School Ministry

This is Chase. In a “previous life” he worked as a CIA agent…or did he?

Annemarie Toldo // Middle School Ministry & Confirmation

Annemarie’s favorite movie is The Jungle Book. This is primarily due to the fact that she was raised by monkeys.

Brent Shaer // Middle School Ministry

Brent spends his free time attempting to master the art of the duck face…we think he still has some work to do.

Shannon McKenna // Middle School Ministry & Coordinator of Confirmation

Shannon is very patriotic and possesses an extreme love for the USA which causes her to randomly burst out singing the Star Spangled Banner. You have been warned.

Natalie Filipski // High School & Middle School Ministry

Natalie has a bizarre obsession with oversized stuffed animals. This is Bart. He is her best friend.

Hannah Castree // Middle School Ministry

Hannah has vertical disorientation syndrome. This means that she can only read things when they are upside down.

Lauren Wright // Coordinator of Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry & Confirmation

Lauren, having lived in Rockford for over two years, is originally from Texas. In her spare time she works as a rodeo clown for the Rockford Rodeo. 

Mary Beth Laubenstein // Middle School Ministry

This is Mary Beth. Her least favorite succulent is the cactus. She just doesn’t understand why anything would want to be so prickly.